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Is Germany a Mission Field?

Yes! While reading more and more about Germany, I thought it would be good for [all of us to have] a better picture of what Germany actually looks like as a mission field.


  • 2.13% of the population claim to be Evangelical Christian’s (Joshua Project)
  • Germany is a country that is considered “Post-modern.” (This means they create their own “truth”).
  • “In Germany, you may wait for two or three years until the first people start to be interested in our faith.” (Ever Van De Poll and Joanne Appleton)
  • “Eighty percent belong to a church nominally, Protestant or Catholic. A mere 0.5 percent belong to a free evangelical church.” (Christianity Today, “Germany’s ‘Cold Religion'”)
  • “Hence, instead of drawing life, it draws from a culture of death. Europeans have decided to die out. Abortion, euthanasia, suicide and low birth-rates all contribute to a crisis of demography. No European country has the birth rate of 2.1 sufficient to sustain its own population.” (Ever Van De Poll and Joanne Appleton)

What Can You Do?

  • Pray that the spiritual soil in Germany would loosen so that seeds of truth can be planted and harvested.
  • Pray for God to work in the hearts and minds of the German people.
  • Pray for Germany and its leadership. With the refugee crisis and now the stress of “Brexit,” Germany is going through a difficult period, but God uses such times to glorify himself!

By an applicant for long-term ministry with Encompass. Name withheld to protect identity.