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How Will Your New Year’s Resolutions Change the World?

Sadly, it’s time to put my Christmas pants away. I’m not ashamed to admit it: I enjoy some holiday R&R in an old pair of red and green flannel pajama pants (trousers for my British friends). There are so many great traditions to enjoy during this season, but my Christmas pants have become a personal favorite. Ironically and symbolically, each year I put these comfy, warm, and stretchy pants back in the closet and kick into planning mode for the new year. I pull out a new calendar and inevitably start thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.

This year, I’m challenging myself to think a bit differently. Typically, I’m ready with things like a diet and exercise routine, a list of books I’d like to read, or where I’d like to travel. While all of those things have merit, this year I’m pushing myself a bit harder: “How will my resolutions provide answers to the bigger questions in my life?”

The last thing I want is for my goals for next year to seem like a playlist of self-help resolutions on repeat. Maybe you’re feeling the same way? Here are some of the biggest questions I’m asking myself as I think through what I want 2016 to look like:

  1. How will I seek to grow in my relationship with God?
  2. How will I seek to grow in my relationships with key people in my life?
  3. How has God uniquely equipped me to make an eternal difference?
  4. How has God called me to fulfill His mission to make disciples of all nations?

If I start there, I’m certain my New Year’s resolutions will look different and have the potential to change the world–an incredibly motivating thought.

I can’t stay in my Christmas pants forever, although some days I’d like that. As we break out our new calendars and look ahead let’s challenge each other with these bigger questions in mind. With a resolute spirit let’s resolve to do something that matters with the lives we’ve been given.

In the words of C.T. Studd, “Only one life, ‘twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

The Apostle Paul said it this way, “Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do it all for the glory of God.”

My team and I are praying for more resolutions that, with God’s strength, will change the world. We hope we can be a part of how God will use you to answer these bigger questions in the year ahead.

John Ward is Director of Mobilization at Encompass World Partners, and leads a team that seeks to mobilize and equip people and churches that are following Jesus into the missional work he’s doing to make disciples of all nations.