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Her Dream Job

Helping others process what God is doing in their life and shepherding their burden for the nations is what Juli Ressler calls her dream job. Juli knows how it feels to sense God working but not know where he’s taking you.

As an undeclared freshman at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Juli had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. With the pressure to declare a major mounting, she finally decided to hunker down in her dorm room for the night with a list of all the courses available. After marking the classes that interested her, Intercultural Studies stood out among the available majors.

Though she’d never heard of that major, she thought it was worth investigating. On the advice of her advisor, Juli attended a class called The Gospel and Culture. Right away, she was hooked. She officially declared her Intercultural Studies major with a minor in Spanish.

Since that day, Juli’s passion for reaching the nations has grown. She has participated in several cross-cultural internships, but one proved to be greatly influential. In the summer of 2013, she interned with Encompass World Partners.

While in Atlanta, Juli was mentored and served by several Encompass staff who personally invested in her missional development. She completed the internship with a fresh global perspective and new insight on how an international non-profit works.

Encompass continued to pour into Juli’s life. While she worked at Wooster Grace Church (Ohio), Encompass mobilizers frequently touched base with Juli and spoke into her desire for missions.

When the need for a new Encompass Missions Mobilizer presented itself in 2018, Juli applied for and received her dream job. Just as Encompass helped Juli on her missional journey, now she gets to do the same for others.

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Consider This:

At Encompass World Partners, we desire to help individuals, global workers, and churches engage God’s global mission in meaningful ways. For Juli Ressler, that meant investing in her life through relationships, resources, and especially prayer.

Every weekday morning at 10:02 in the Encompass home office, staff members pray for God to reveal people like Juli Ressler. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Luke 10:2). Have you considered what your place in God’s global mission might be?

Just as maps and travel books can guide us to a physical destination, the books in our Path Series act as resources to help anyone navigate their missional journey. Let Encompass help make missions meaningful to you. Learn more at PathSeries.com.