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Gospel Boldness at Bossangoa

What a wonderful blessing it is to see the Word of God entrusted to faithful men and women who are able to teach others also!

Even though Enamsana is fresh in his studies at the Bossangoa Bible Institute, this hasn’t stopped him from spreading the supremacy of Christ for the joy of all peoples in the Central African Republic.

On top of studying Scripture, Enamsana is active in sharing the gospel with everyone he comes in contact with. His love for Jesus has created in him a missional heart for those who have never heard the name of Christ.

Just recently, Enamsana with his studies fresh in his heart presented the gospel to two Muslims. And, by the grace of God, these two men believed Enamsana’s words. After hearing the gospel, these two men met with Enamsana’s pastor to be confirmed and baptized.

Praise God for Enamsana’s boldness in preaching the gospel!

In Africa, students attending the Encompass-partner Seminary and the Bible Institutes sacrifice a lot for their education, and we have the opportunity to bless these schools and help the students like Enamsana complete their training.

The Timothy Project helps sustain the schools by covering some of the daily operational expenses which then allows the schools to lighten the fees for their students. And, many of the students would not be able to receive this much needed theological education without the Timothy Project’s help. So, your contribution will be making a significant impact.

The benefit of Bible Institute training extends far beyond each individual student.

When you give to the Timothy Project, you are joining the Biblical leadership movement of your brothers and sisters in Africa. Your contributions are an investment in future generations of Africans. Through the ministry of these students and graduates, people in villages across Africa will be able to hear the gospel, understand it, and respond with joy.

Consider This

Currently, we still need 35 Timothy Project sponsors to aid the schools reducing the costs for the students. Would you consider investing in the next generation of African pastors, evangelists, and teachers by becoming a sponsor?