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God Heals African Woman on Deathbed

As a teacher at a Charis Alliance seminary in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR), Francois has seen God’s goodness many times. He teaches systematic theology and a handful of New Testament books while also serving as a marriage counselor. 

On one occasion he had a student whose wife got sick and became hospitalized. But instead of getting better, her condition grew more severe, and the doctors had to put her on a breathing machine. 

After being on the breathing machine for two weeks the hospital’s generator went out, and the machine stopped. She was in such critical condition that everyone expected to lose her. 

At the end of her rope, she did the only thing she could do—she prayed. She said, “Lord, my kids are so young—if I die, who will take care of them? I know you called me to a life of ministry, but I haven’t been able to start it yet. Please, show me your love.” 

Some of the hospital workers overheard her praying. As she lay there struggling to breathe, the generator kicked back on, along with her breathing machine. That was a miracle, but she was still in critical condition and her chances for survival weren’t looking very good. 

Inspired by the power coming back on, hospital staff called the seminary and asked for ministers to come and pray over her. Francois and a group of others went, but all signs indicated that she wouldn’t survive even just one more day. Francois recounts, “The doctors taking care of her didn’t know what to do, so we all prayed and kept praying.” 

Francois says, “We were all just waiting for the phone call from the hospital telling us that she had passed away, but it never came.” She had to stay on the breathing machine for another week, but God was gracious, and today she’s healthy and out of the hospital!

God’s people begged Him to spare her life, and that’s exactly what He did. She recovered and spent the next couple years finishing her studies at the seminary. Today she views every moment with her kids as a blessing and works in ministry as Francois’s colleague at the seminary. 

Francois says, “Just seeing her at work every day strengthens our faith.”