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Giving Legs to the Vision

Though all ministry plans have to be held in open hands, it’s important to begin the work with vision and strategy. At Encompass World Partners, ministry strategists are a valuable resource to help global workers chart their course.

The initial structure for creating ministry strategies for Encompass global workers was based on regions and run through the regional directors. Several years ago, that was reorganized to place workers into networks by ministry type, such as church planting and church equipping. The network director model has been much more effective in providing informed and focused direction, and these networks are the context for the ministry strategists.

The goal of strategists is to come alongside Encompass global workers in order to help them reach their goals. Where the Encompass ministry coaches help unlock the potential of the staff, Encompass Strategists help lay the practical foundations for the work. They give legs to the vision.

Ted Offutt is one of those strategists.

Ted is no stranger to the realities of life on the field. His years in cross-cultural ministry began in Central Asia where he served with his wife Kaylin, and their journey later took them throughout Southeast Asia as they supported various teams. This experience informs his work as a strategist.

Ted works with Encompass global workers in various cultural contexts in the church planting network. From helping strategize business ideas with a team in Central Asia to creating practical steps for church planters in Japan, Ted takes the vision of each team and helps them figure out how to make it a reality.

For Ted, creating strategy only happens in the context of relationship.

Knowing various cross-cultural contexts and models for effective ministry is nothing without first knowing who he is working with. He strives for regular communication and visits when time allows. He focuses on being a disciple of Jesus as the central component of any ministry strategy, which no set of steps and processes can replace.

Ted and all the other Encompass strategists care deeply about the vision and effectiveness of Global Workers. Through practical advice, resource brokering, and personal relationship, strategists play an important role in taking the gospel to the nations.

Consider This: James 4:15 reminds us that nothing happens apart from God’s will. Choose an Encompass ministry and pray specifically about the strategy. Pray that God will reveal vision and open up doors for fruitful opportunities.