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Tom Julien, Former Executive Director, Home With His Savior

The Encompass family is mourning the loss—but celebrating the life and ministry—of Tom Julien, former Executive Director of Grace Brethren International Missions, now Encompass World Partners. He passed peacefully into the presence of Jesus and was reunited with Doris, his wife of 56 years, on January 16, 2023 at the age of 91. 

Tom was a visionary and statesmen for decades within the Charis Fellowship (formerly the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches) and Encompass World Partners. His life, transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, impacted untold numbers of people around the world.

Tom was a graduate of Bob Jones University and Grace Theological Seminary. With Doris, he served as a missionary in France for 28 years. During this time the Juliens opened the Chateau de Saint Albain, which for many years served as a center for evangelism, training, and church planting.

From 1986–2000, Tom was Executive Director of Encompass World Partners. Thereafter, he continued to be involved in leadership training and many other Encompass ministries as Director Emeritus. Tom also authored a number of books, including Antioch Revisited and Seize the Moment.

Encompass World Partners has created the Tom Julien Memorial Fund to honor his life. Gifts given to this fund will bless Encompass ministries that Tom was very passionate about, including evangelism in France, leadership development in Central Africa, and partnering with the global Charis Alliance. 

“When you look at history from man’s viewpoint you see chronology. From God’s perspective history is far different—it is the drama of men of destiny seizing God’s moments of opportunity.” – Tom Julien, Seize the Moment