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Encompass’s Coaching Philosophy

Do you have a ministry idea, but need help making it a reality?

We’re passionate about working together to make disciples, which is why we provide our staff around the world with all the support and encouragement they need. If you serve with Encompass, we’ll provide you with access to our coaching team to make sure you thrive in the ministry God is calling you to. 

We define coaching as:

“An intentional, ongoing conversation where the coach uses active listening and powerful questions to help you develop personally and professionally in a healthy life/ministry balance.”

Our coaches don’t suggest, advise, mentor, or counsel—instead, they serve as neutral sounding boards who prayerfully walk alongside you with genuine curiosity. Coaching differs from counseling in that it is forward-looking rather than focused on analyzing the past. And coaching differs from mentoring in that it is question-based rather than answer-providing. 

While counseling and mentoring are both valuable tools, sometimes the best way to overcome a roadblock is to sit down with a coach who knows how to ask the right questions. Our coaches have a deep desire to see you move toward the goals God has placed on your heart, so their role is to help you find clarity and develop action steps. 

On a practical level, this looks like sitting down for a series of four-to-six sessions where the coach will help you define big-picture goals, develop practical action steps, and help you reflect on your plan’s effectiveness.

We truly strive to serve and care for our staff members so that they can focus their time and energy on sharing the good news. Want to be in an environment like that? Check out our opportunities to serve