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Discipleship at Dragon Con

Dragon Con has been in Atlanta for 30 years bringing crowds of over 70,000 to the city each Labor Day weekend. The multi-genre convention hosts those into science fiction, comic books, and other fan cultures. 

Attenders parade in home-made costumes (cosplay), listen to famous guest speakers and take part in discussions. The convention itself is a breeding ground for people willing to share their thoughts and passions with anyone who will listen. So what better place for a missions-minded Christian who shares some of their interests?

“Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another ‘What! You too? I thought there was no one but myself.'” – C.S. Lewis

One of our friends here at Encompass happens to be a huge fan of this convention. He has regularly attended Dragon Con since living in Atlanta, and with the convention celebrating 30 years, there was no way he was going to miss out on the anniversary. This year, according to him, was the best it had ever been. Not only were the costumes great and the activities fun, this year he also had an entirely unexpected opportunity present itself.

There are over 40 different groups at Dragon Con with special themes and focuses. At these tracks, you can listen to guest speakers and socialize with other members. This year our Encompass friend attended a new group track that he thought sounded interesting. The more he learned about the track, the more he realized it was something his faith could really speak truth into.

Our friend was able to speak with this group who in all honesty would most likely never be found in a church setting. He connected with those leading the track and they found that his faith made for a really interesting perspective on the diversity of the group. The opportunities generated because of our friend’s participation in the convention are exciting! He hopes to use his new Dragon Con community as a platform to discuss the critical thought that can be found in Theology and the Gospel. He never imagined he would be doing discipleship at Dragon Con.