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Classes Commence Amidst Unrest

Imagine trying to complete a top-level ministry degree when your country is in turmoil.

The Central African Republic experienced a military coup in early 2013, and today, some social unrest continues. Though the country is still in distress, our Grace Brethren Seminary and Bible Schools have continued on with their mission. Teachers and students carry on because they know that what they are earning is of more value than their comfort (Hebrews 10:32–36)

This month all of the school semesters have commenced after a summer of fruitful ministry. Pastor Pierre-Simon of the C.A.R. had this to say about the social tide of the country at the beginning of the new school year:

There seems to be an attitude of peace in the C.A.R. at this time. People are very happy with the new President and we continue to pray that our country will move forward. Although things are better than previous months, we still face isolated outbreaks from time to time. It’s always necessary to be on alert.

We joyfully praise God for the improvement of security at the start of this new semester. It appears to be better every day. We also can give thanks to God for providing safety for all the Seminary and Bible Institute students during their summer ministries. While there is much progress to praise God for, the students, teachers, and the people of the C.A.R. still need your prayers.

  • Pray for much-needed strength for all who help run the schools.
  • Pray that teachers and students will be able to express forgiveness and willingness to live with others, especially their Muslim neighbors.
  • Pray for training aimed at equipping students with tools for post-traumatic stress disorder, and for the healing of wounded hearts.
  • Pray for the many student families who were not able to travel to their village during the summer to work in their gardens because of the political unrest.
  • Finally, pray for all student families to receive the financial and material resources they need in order to study full-time.

For years, the Timothy Project has served these students by helping them with their finances so they might not feel the burden while they study.