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Chapel Dedication in the CAR

Chapel Dedication in the CAR

On December 5, the Center for International Development of Ethical Leadership (CIDEL) dedicated a new chapel on the University of Bangui campus.

The university stands in the capitol city of the war-torn Central African Republic, and is central to educating the country’s leaders. Professor Gustavo Bobossi, the former Vice Rector of the University, had requested a chapel ministry on the campus in 2008, and this year, Encompass World Partners was able to aid the CIDEL in constructing the chapel building.

“This building is God’s work for the good of mankind,” says Professor Bobossi. “For a person is truly valuable for the society only if they are spiritually equipped. The first difficulty I faced in the university world was the lack of spirituality among the university leaders. Having a chapel within the university will allow God to dwell among us and bring the solution to the pain in our country. My prayer is that CIDEL will have the strength to influence these students. The chapel will be a tool to prepare young leaders to be the best for this nation. May God keep CIDEL in its vision for the best of the CAR.”

The dedication took place on the university campus outside the new chapel. Though the president of the CAR was unable to speak, the ceremony was led by CAR’s Prime Minister and many members of parliament and other government officials participated. Dr. Augustin Hibaile, director of CIDEL, called the dedication a success, saying that God was highly praised and that many of the officials were impacted by the message and prayers.

“CIDEL is willing to seize this opportunity given to create a new generation of godly leaders through this ministry at the University of Bangui,” says Dr. Hibaile. “We need a great body of support to make a difference on this university campus.”

Please keep the chapel ministry in your prayers:

Pray for the development of the new programs CIDEL wishes to offer through the chapel ministry including Chaplaincy, Ethics, and Micro-Enterprise.

Pray for the provision and development of 4 recruits to cover the new programs.

Pray for the hearts of the students and faculty to be receptive of the new chapel ministry.