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Celebrating 100 Years in Africa

Today in Central Africa a movement is flourishing in seven countries. Nine Bible Institutes and two Graduate Schools are preparing a new generation of leaders. Local and regional church planters are training both in the classroom and on the field. Over 140 of them are now planting new churches. Forty-three elementary schools are focused on educating orphans. A hospital, two surgical centers, and 40 dispensaries are providing essential medical care. Leaders in government and education are learning to apply Christian ethics in the workplace. Tens of thousands of children are being discipled in hundreds of Sunday Schools. And in 3,500 churches, men, women, and children are worshipping God in spirit and in truth. This movement of God continues to gain momentum because 100 years ago, a few courageous men and women said YES to God.



View the digital book “Opening Oubangui-Chari,” a visual retrospective about James Gribble and the pioneer missionaries of central Africa.