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Bringing Home a Global Focus

Last February, a small team from Liberty Grace Church in Johnstown, PA headed south to participate in the 2016 Encounter Atlanta trip. They came to broaden their perspective on different cultures and learn more about global missions. They were not disappointed.

Listening to Encompass share the spiritual needs of people groups around the world and then showing us how many of those peoples are represented in Atlanta really tugged at me. –Pastor Doug Black

For five days, the Liberty Grace team explored the diversity of Atlanta, experimenting with new foods and touring various religious worship centers, as well as sitting in on classes led by missionaries.

It was such a cool experience to hear about Islam from a practicing Muslim and realizing how much we share in common but also seeing the clear differences. After visiting the Mosque, we ate the best shawarma I’ve ever had. -Matt Stewart

The team returned to Pennsylvania with hearts and minds refocused on the unreached peoples of the world. They wanted this passion to continue in their own lives and to spread to the rest of their community.

This trip awakened in me a desire for our church to become a serious “player” in Missions. -Don Hall

They knew that they would be taking groups on future Encounter Atlanta trips, but the Liberty Grace team wanted to start engaging in missions right away. Back in Johnstown, Don Hall began to lead a small group of men through the Bible study series Go Xplore. The guys were blown away by what they learned, and when they finished, they began the follow-up book Go Mobilize.

During the second part of the study, Don began to see the group dwindle. He believes the loss of interest was because the practical element was missing. An intellectual appreciation of the Great Commission is just not enough, so Don is now looking for ways his group, and others at Liberty Grace, can practically pursue reaching the nations in their own community.

It was a life-changing event because I came away with so much more knowledge and a greater commitment to pray and be involved. -Beth Hall

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing others in a new and cross-cultural environment. It is an experience that we plan to use on an ongoing basis. –Pastor Doug Black

Encounter Atlanta and Encounter SoCal are great opportunities to engage in cross-cultural experiences and learn what God is doing to reach the nations. If your group is interested in participating in an Encounter trip, contact Kylie Offutt at kylieoffutt@encompassworld.org for more information.