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Breaking News: Please Pray for CAR Seminary

Students and their families at the James Gribble Leadership Center in Bangui are mourning the unexpected loss of two students. 

Alfred Nakean was pastoring a local church in Bangui while studying at the seminary. He was a second-year student trying to finish the school year strong. With little to no explanation, he passed onto glory leaving behind his wife Annie and his five children. Alfred’s fellow student, Boris Konamna, a first-year seminary student, was killed in a motorcycle accident a week later, leaving behind his wife and seven children.

These unexpected deaths have really shaken the seminary community. Studying at the seminary level in Bangui is hard enough without the unforeseen passing of fellow students.

Past CAR missionary, James Gribble, whom the school is named after, once said, “These are busy days here, but we do not allow ourselves to be too busy to pray. Intercession, in spite of the pressure of other duties, is the greatest work that any missionary can do.”

Would you please take time out of your busy day to pray for the school and the families of these beloved brothers? Pray for peace in this time of mourning and for this tragedy to bear up an eternal weight of glory in the hearts of everyone. Pray for the Church to bear up its widows and orphans emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And lastly, pray for the school body to finish the end of the year with endurance.

Alfred Nakean (pictured with his wife Annie) recently died unexpectedly.

Alfred Nakean (pictured with his wife Annie) recently died unexpectedly.