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Bible in 1,000 Words Project

Imagine trying to summarize the entire Bible into 1,000 words, while capturing the overarching narrative in a gospel-saturated language. And on top of that, translating the summary into many different languages! Think you could do it? Florent Varak, Director of Encompass’ Church Equipping Network, has taken on the challenge.

The Bible in 1,000 Words Project seeks to provide an introduction to the Word of God that expresses the core narrative of Scripture. The ultimate goal is for individuals, small groups, and churches to use this tool to help engage people with the Gospel. A person may not be ready to study or read the Bible, but they may welcome a concise window into what Scripture is all about. In order to broaden the reach of the project, Florent is pursuing its multilingual publication in a few unique platforms.

An animated video format will be produced in multiple versions featuring several languages thanks to the partnership of MoonDog Animation Studios. All of the different lingual versions will be around seven minutes long. Also, one-minute teasers will be produced for every version. The studio will bring the project to life in a creatively stunning array, capturing the attention of the eye and heart. Get a taste of what the video will look like HERE.

Small printed booklets, illustrated table-top books, and simple web-text will also be produced alongside the animated videos. A website will be developed to host the animated videos and the other formats once they’re produced (proposed address is “Bible1000.org”). This tool will be used all over the world for the sake of making Christ known.

In order for the project to reach its end goal, Florent is looking for people who are willing to invest in it financially. Contributions will go directly toward production costs. What started out as just a simple idea is turning into a global project with monumental impact.