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Being Salt and Light in a Place Ripe for the Gospel

Flexibility and availability are key when it comes to church planting among least-reached people groups. That’s what Maddox and Skye* have discovered in their two years living and working in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad.

They were first drawn to Chad because they longed to work among unreached people groups, and 50 percent of the people groups in Chad are considered unreached. So far their work has involved language learning, an internship at a hospital, translation at the Roro Surgical Center, construction, and lots of listening.

Since moving there, the two most influential Africans in their lives have been Pastors Justin and Paul. These native Chadians are both graduates of the School of Missiology in Chad, and each one works among least-reached peoples in a different region of the country. Their contexts and work are very different from one another, but the vision is the same: evangelism and discipleship in hard-to-reach areas in Chad. Justin and Paul’s passion to preach Christ where he is not known is incredibly inspiring.

Learning from Paul and Justin’s passion and methods, Maddox and Skye are developing their own church-planting strategies.

One thing each of these church planters has discovered is that combining physical and spiritual ministry is vital. It’s crucial to build into the community and share Christ—one without the other is an incomplete picture of grace. Maddox says of Pastor Justin and Paul’s work, “God has really opened doors as they are building medical clinics and bringing education to the communities. It brings more and more people the opportunity to know the Lord.”

Building bridges into a community requires an organic approach.

Where is God at work? What national partner is he leading us to work with? How do our talents and gifts fit a need in this region? These are the questions Maddox and Skye are asking, always keeping themselves open and available to where God is leading them and being flexible with their plans.

When they return to the field this fall, Maddox and Skye don’t know exactly what their work will look like yet. They plan to get involved in some existing ministries and prayer groups as they seek to develop their own niche in ministry that uses their experience in nursing and construction work as well as their overriding passion to see Christ proclaimed among the least reached peoples of the world. There is a slight possibility of developing a community center that will provide fellowship and ministry in the capital. But, in the meantime, they ask prayer for:

  • A Chadian to work with them among Arabic speakers in the capital
  • Skye’s return to full health after some complications following the recent birth of their first child
  • Endurance during this new phase of culture and language learning
  • Development of a clear ministry path

Maddox and Skye are still in the early phases of their ministry. They still have a lot to absorb and learn. It’s not easy work, but it’s worth being salt and light in a place ripe for the gospel. Patience and endurance is the name of the game and they are happy to play.

Will you pray with us on behalf of this important work?

*Names changed for security reasons.