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Are you Called to Send?

Missionaries are the fingertips of the body of Christ touching those who have never heard the joys of Christ. And they are not alone for a whole church behind them stretches.

“How are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?” –Romans 10:14-15

Yes, it is essential in Global Missions for people to go. But, it is equally vital for people to send. Since Christ bids all those who belong to him to partake in this commission, a person will either go, send, or do a combination of the two. The only other option is disobedience.

“Go, Send, or disobey” –John Piper

The going side of the Great Commission tends to grab the most limelight when a person begins to engage Global Missions. However, there is weight in both components.

Mobilizing people to go is an incredible work that should be done by every local church. As stewards of the gospel, it is worshipful to send others out in a way that glorifies God. But how is this done well?

Have you ever wondered how to mobilize someone, but did not know where to begin? Or does your local church know how to equip a person well with mobilizing desires? Does your church have a mobilizing team? What do you do when you are called to send people?

Mobilizing the Mobilizers is an Encompass training curriculum designed to help you address questions about sending someone on mission through your local church and effectively equip a team of passionate leaders committed to mobilizing the entire church.

This resource is the second book in a series called The Path: Navigating the Journey to Global Missions. Ultimately, the goal of Mobilizing the Mobilizers is to help you identify, recruit, and train people to mobilize others to an active and meaningful participation in the Great Commission.

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