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Another Group Graduates from CORE Training

Last week, a diverse group of Encompass constituents completed the newly revised CORE Training at the Encompass World Partners Home Office in Atlanta, GA.

CORE Training is an insightful orientation that seeks to help people internalize the central values, vision, and goals of Encompass World Partners. During this week-long training, small groups experience a variety of presentations, videos, and lessons that bring light to Encompass’ participation in Global Missions.

Beginning with the history of the Encompass movement, the class explores every special development up until present day. Along with the history of Encompass, the group examines biblical foundations for the Great Commission, missiological topics, and important organizational structures. The training also provides an opportunity to fellowship with one another through meals, fun activities, and a special communion service.

This year’s group consisted of new Encompass Appointees, Global Workers, and Home Office Staff along with two visiting pastors. The exciting outcome of the group’s completion of this training is knowing that destinations like Southeast Asia, Japan, Canada, France, Ohio, and Georgia will be gaining new workers with a new-found understanding of their active role in reaching the nations. Praise God!

I really enjoyed CORE Training! There is nothing sweeter than knowing you are surrounded by people focused on the same missional goals as you and learning together.–Lindsay Schuiteman