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An Unexpected Partner

If you’ve ever raised support before, you may have experienced a few brick walls on your way. In those moments, it all seems impossible to find that one new financial partner until it happens.

Harris* and his wife Kay* struggled to find new people who would contribute to their ministry with Encompass World Partners. They were meeting streaks of success for a while, but the last couple of months were difficult. With humble hearts, they prayed for God to provide for their needs and move in the lives of people.

Along with this prayer, Harris and Kay were asking for opportunities to connect with their community. They wanted to make themselves available to help others around them and invest in other people’s lives. Even more so, they wanted God to give them the courage to walk through those open doors.

By his good grace, God answered both.

On a hot sunny day in Atlanta, Harris was outside preparing to mow his lawn. He and his family were still very new to the area having only recently moved from South Korea. So, when an unknown car slowly drifted past his property, he had reason to be a little suspicious.

The car, which was full of older adults, awkwardly drove past the house over and over again. Everyone in the vehicle was looking directly at the house as they drove by. After some time, Harris’ curiosity grew to be too much. He went over to the car and asked them if they needed help with anything.

The man driving the car explained how he was raised in Harris’ house and that it had been several years since he or anyone in his family had seen the place. In a polite gesture, Harris invited the crew to tour his home to see how it had changed.

The outcome of this gesture was an unexpected blessing.

After the family toured the house and happily discussed all the changes that had been made, they asked Harris about his line of work. He expressed his passion for the nations and explained how he is committed to mobilizing people for global missions. It was a great conversation!

Before leaving, the family promised Harris that they would support his ministry. A few days later, a check came in with a note saying, “More to come.” Amazed, Harris and Kay praised God for this unexpected financial partner.

For those who are currently raising support remember God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Read Philippians 4:10–20). And for everyone else remember You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way (Read 2 Corinthians 9:6–15).

*Names changed for security reasons.