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An Ocean Away, But It’s Okay

When John and Shari Jones gathered their eight grown children together in the beauty of Glacier National Park, they had big news.

After 24 years of pastoral ministry in Marion, Ohio, John and Shari felt the Lord calling them to join the staff at the Chateau de Saint Albain in France. It would mean moving an ocean away from their family, but one by one, each of their children spoke words of support and encouragement. In a beautiful time of prayer and worship, the family unanimously agreed that this was God’s call.

That night confirmed that though the move to the Chateau feels like a big leap for John and Shari, God has been preparing them for years.

The Joneses’ burden for France began decades ago. They became friends with the Klawitter family, praying for their work and visiting when possible, beginning with John’s first trip to the Chateau in 1998. Then, last summer, Paul Klawitter told them about the need for workers at the Chateau, and things fell into place. The Joneses’ children were raised. Their ministry was ready to be handed off to a new generation. The time was right.

For years, the Joneses have shepherded God’s people, trained up young lives, and welcomed others into their home. Now they will have a chance to use all these gifts at the Chateau. As the Chateau’s Welcome Team, John and Shari will help with domestic demands, along with facilitating and mentoring interns.

Currently, the Joneses are gathering their support team and hoping to deploy to the Chateau in May of 2017. Praise God with us for His leading in their lives, and pray for John and Shari as they tackle the challenges this new chapter will bring.

An Ocean Away, But It's Okay