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Alliance of Churches Forming in the Bahamas

A group of pastors and leaders recently participated in the initial organization of Grace Brethren churches in the Bahamas, potentially named the Charis Alliance of Bahamian Churches.

On February 25, a provisional Board was established to start the process, with Pastor Henri Cheraime serving as Chairman. This group will work together to develop bylaws, apply for a legal status with the government, and prepare a celebration for September 2016. On this occasion, all churches wishing to become members of the Bahamian alliance will sign a document of commitment. This group then plans to apply for membership in the worldwide Charis Alliance.

To date, there are at least 3 churches applying to the alliance in the Bahamas, but there could be up to 10! Pastor Henri and Pastor Dumont Cardichon, who work with Caribbean Ministries (Chuck Davis executive Director), are the church planters. Pastor Javier Forero and Jesus Munoz of Encompass World Partners, as well as a few pastors from the Florida District, helped train the Bahamian leaders and guided them in the organization process.

Pastors and leaders forming a new alliance of churches in the Bahamas.