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All-Nations Sunday

On September 24, 2023, Lanham Grace Church held their second annual “All Nations Sunday.” Located in the Washington, DC area, their congregation represents a magnificent mix of ethnicities, which empowers them to pull off such an event very successfully.

The church is led by Pastor Eric Smith, whose family contributes to the diversity, as his wife, Vanessa, is Indian. Despite having only about 60 attendees and 30 members, Lanham Grace consists of about 13 different nationalities (Nigerian, Liberian, French, Guyanese, Indian, Guatemalan, Mexican, Haitian, Trinidadian, Lebanese, Iranian, Filipino, Rwandan, and American). Even amongst the various nationalities, there are several different tribal and ethnic groups represented. Almost all of them were represented on All Nations Sunday.  

The service began with Scripture read in multiple languages. Worship included lively, expressive musical styles from Haiti, Nigeria, and the US. Encompass mobilizer, Mike McKeever, encouraged the congregation with a message from Psalm 96. He encouraged everyone to believe the gospel and to take it to the ends of the earth! 

Afterward, the congregation enjoyed an amazing potluck with food from many different nations including Nigeria, Liberia, Guatemala, Mexico, Guyana, France, India, the USA, and others. After all, appreciating cuisine from other countries is an international language! While the dinner was not technically a competition, each group took great pride in preparing and providing the foods of their culture.

Many guests also attended All Nations Sunday. It truly felt like a slice of heaven as people from all the different nations loved each other and cooperated for the cause of the Kingdom. 

What might an All Nations Sunday look like in your church?