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A Beacon of Life for Years to Come

If your child had a burst appendix in the middle of the night, what would you do? If you live in the United States, you would probably drive a short distance to a hospital, where emergency surgery could be accomplished within a few hours. But if you lived in Chad, Africa, you may find yourself helplessly watching your child die, because the surgical care she needs is unavailable.

A 2015 Lancet report found that 90 percent of people in developing countries do not have access to affordable and safe surgical care. In developing countries like Chad, 17 million people died in 2010 alone because they lacked access to surgical services.

Partnered with regional medical caregivers and ministry leaders, Encompass is dedicated to building a surgical facility that provides essential medical care and a compassionate platform through which the gospel will be shared.

The center will be built in Roro, a large market town in a remote location. The closest hospital is a 40-mile drive over roads that become impassable during the rainy season, and many people die as they wait for transport.

Encompass has been working in Roro for nearly 20 years, and has developed a solid relationship with the local government. Another ministry partnership, the medical dispensary in Roro currently serves 3,000 patients each year.

The new surgical center will greatly expand the medical and spiritual offerings in the region. “Details are being finalized, and we have raised nearly enough money to build the center,” says Kirk, the Encompass Chad Coalitions Coordinator, “We still need funding for medical equipment and supplies, but we are close to being able to break ground on the project.”

The Roro Surgical Center will provide life-saving surgical care, but most importantly, its staff will boldly proclaim the gospel in a Muslim region that is considered one of the least reached in the world.

Jesus devoted much of his life to healing people and nourishing their souls. The Roro Surgical Center will be a beautiful expression of this legacy and will become a beacon of life in Chad for years to come.

You can get involved in this important project by

  • Praying. Pray for good relationships to continue to develop. Pray for favor with the local government. Pray for a united vision between Encompass and national ministry leaders as the center is built and staffed. Pray for the center to be constructed in a timely manner, and that it will touch many lives.
  • Giving. This is an essential project, one that combines mercy ministry and gospel proclamation in a region that needs both. Please consider how God is calling you to give generously to this work.

Get more information and give online to the Roro Surgical Center here.