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5 Ways Your Church Can Engage with Missions This Summer

Summer is a busy season, and it can be easy to lose sight of our priorities with all the travel, activities, and schedule changes we experience this time of year. But the Great Commission is still important, and we want to share several ways you, your family, and your church can continue to engage with missions even while you’re on the go!

Here are five ways to stay engaged in what God is doing around the world:


1 | Pray for the Nations
Unite with other believers in prayer for what God is doing around the world. It’s easy to stay connected with our two free prayer resources.

Our annual Prayer Guide is a 30-day handbook to help you pray your way around the world each month.

And then there is PrayNow, a weekly email that brings videos, photos, and prayer requests from around the world straight to your inbox.

With these free resources, you’ll be armed with the latest prayer requests from our partners around the globe.


2 | Support a Missions Project
Choose a missions project from our website to partner with and support this summer. You can do this individually or as a family, or you can take it to the next level and host a fundraiser, run a giving campaign on social media, or connect your church’s VBS giving to one of these projects to share about global missions with the kids at your church. 

Whether your heart is to help orphaned children in central Africa, least-reached students in Cambodia, or small business owners in Central Asia, we have a project to fit your desire to pray, give, send, and go to help the least reached.


3 | Go to Your Samaria
You can pursue missions wherever you are—you don’t have to leave your home country to find the least reached. You can seek out people who are geographically close to you but culturally different from you. 

Plan ways to intentionally connect with them by visiting restaurants, markets, or religious centers to meet, welcome, build relationships, and offer hospitality!


4 | Build Missions Awareness and Engagement
Cultivate an awareness and passion for missions in your church by hosting a MissionDay event. We’ve created free resources you can use to inform and invite people to learn more about missions. 

Anyone who wants to dive deeper can use our study Discovering Global Missions, which is part of our Path Series.


5 | Disciple Future Global Workers
Identify people in your church who are ready to take the next step along the path to global missions. Offer to mentor them using The Path Series books Discerning Your Calling and our newest title Pursuing Your Calling

You can also present the opportunity to join our Pursuing Your Calling Virtual Community, which starts in September, so your members can be part of a group of like-minded believers who are pursuing global missions together.


Which of these action steps will you take with your church this summer? Share your stories with us!