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4 Ways to Use Social Media Missionally

According to the United Nations international communications agency, more than three billion people currently have access to the internet; that’s not just counting your great aunt Betty, but millions of people who have never met a Christian or heard the gospel.

Social Media, like any other invention, past-time, or what-have-you, requires wisdom and discernment in how one uses it. There’s no doubt that it can have negative repercussions if used poorly. Just check out Tony Reinke’s 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You for a good look at the topic. But, for this article, I want to look at four ways social media can be used missionally.

1. Display Christ-like Behavior and Post the Gospel.

Let’s be honest. There’s a lot of anger, trolling, and junk on social media coming from people who claim to be Christians. Don’t be that person. Instead, manage your social media accounts in a manner worthy of the gospel (Philippians 1:27 Modern Tech Translation). But seriously, people who don’t know Christ and his Church may be seeing what you’re posting. So, why not post with this question in mind does what I am saying on social media make Christ look great. Even more so, why not post the gospel plain and simple? You don’t need to stop posting pics about that incredible ice cream place you found in the downtown or those funny fat cat memes, but why not post the greatest news in all human history too once in a while 🙂

2. Share Faith-Based Content

There is so much inspirational and thought-provoking Christian content on the internet. If you read or watch something that encourages your faith, why not share it on your social media? Pass along the good stuff! Here are some sites to check out Encompass World Partners NewsDesiring God, and The Gospel Coalition. You never know who may see what you posted. It could start the faith wheels turning.

3. Create Your Own Christian Content.

Start a blog or a vlog as a platform for sharing your faith. There are some great (free) websites that allow you to do this. Honestly, you don’t have to be a fantastic writer or speaker, just be honest. Engage scripture, share stories, or simply talk about how much you love Jesus. There’s already a ton of this kind of content on the internet but can there ever be too much praise for Jesus. Can I get an amen! One of the greatest opportunities in doing this is the possibility for dialogue. Like suggestion #1, talk with people who comment on your stuff in a Christ-like manner. You never know what fruitful talk may come about.

4. Share Stories and Updates from Missionaries.

What better way to show God’s love for the nations and what he is doing in the world than to share stories from missionaries? If you don’t know any missionaries, start building those relationships. If you do, ask them if you can share their ministry updates. On top of that, there are so many missionary blogs/vlogs/podcasts that are available. Here’s a few to share Joshua ProjectGlobal Missions Podcast, and Encompass Within Reach Newsletter.

Consider This:

These suggestions are in no way a replacement of the great sending and going needs of global missions. There are billions of people who still need Christ but have no relationship with him or his people. That being said, these suggestions can be supplemental in the missional activities of the Church to see the body of Christ grow into a people of all nations, tongues, and tribes. We are living in a digital age and we should take every opportunity to use the resources and tools for the glory of God.