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10 Gift Ideas for Missionaries

Want to give a gift to a global worker, but don’t know what to send to someone who may be living and working in another country? Gift ideas for missionaries can vary depending on their specific needs and preferences, as well as the location and type of work they’re involved in. But here are some thoughtful gift ideas that missionaries might appreciate:

1. Food Items

If your missionary lives in a foreign country, then sending them non-perishable snacks, spices, or foods from their home country could bless them with a taste of comfort and nostalgia.

2. Personal Care Items

It might be hard to find their favorite toiletries, skincare products, or hygiene items in their country, so they might really appreciate receiving these kinds of items. Just check with them to see what brands and products they like best.

3. Digital Subscriptions

Ministry workers often have to operate on smaller budgets than professionals in other industries, which means they might not be willing to spend their own money on digital subscriptions. Gifting them with a subscription to something like Spotify, Netflix, or Disney+ could be something that really blesses them. Just check to make sure that service is available in their country.

4. Technology

If appropriate, consider providing them with electronics such as a tablet, a new smartphone, or headphones which might be harder to get in their region.

5. Personal Letters

Ministry can be emotionally difficult work, so a heartfelt letter with words of encouragement might mean the world to your missionary.

6. Books

If God has been using a certain book to speak to you lately, you should consider sending a copy to your cross-cultural worker!

7. Financial Support

Missionaries often rely on financial support, so contributing to their ministry fund or providing cash or gift cards can be extremely helpful.

8. Language Learning Resources

If your missionary is serving in a foreign country, language learning books, courses, or apps might be highly beneficial.

9. Clothing

Sending their favorite brand of clothing or shoes, that might not be available in their country, can be a special treat. 

10. Ministry-Specific Gifts

Depending on the kind of ministry they’re involved in, they might need different tools or supplies. 

Thank you for supporting missions! We hope this list is a helpful resource in blessing your missionary with something special!