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Perspectives: Good News

E & S note that during this time of crisis, death has become more of a reality for people in their region. This opens the door to spiritual conversations. It causes those with whom they engage to stop and evaluate their lives. And this is where the good news comes in: when we build our lives on Christ, no matter what is taken away from us, we are secure in His love and relationship. This is the good news they are honored to share with a frightened and uncertain world.

More Perspectives

Perspectives: Perfect Timing

A fresh perspective from a Charis Fellowship missions leader in the United States. Holly explains how this unique time helps churches and senders understand the isolation our global team members face on a regular basis. This situation also highlights how many people are unreached and the urgency with which we should pursue them.

Perspectives: Unexpected Growth

A fresh perspective from one of our global team members in France. Florent offers a positive outlook on this crisis as he shares the unexpected growth it has brought to his church and to the church in France as a whole. When we look at the unanticipated results of this crisis, we see God’s hand working all things together for good.

Perspectives: Embracing Provision

A fresh perspective from our global team members in the United Kingdom. Tom and MaryAnn share how God is providing amid the uncertainty—a reminder of His care regardless of circumstance. They want to see people emerging from this season with unprecedented faith.

Perspectives: Greater Openness

Paul and Louise see changes in society as a result of this crisis. They share that people now greet each other in the streets, hungry for connection. They also observe that people’s dependencies—on the government, on the medical field, and on science—have been shaken. Because of this, there is a greater openness to discussing religion, to discussing Jesus—the only One we can truly depend on.

Perspectives: Go and Comfort

A fresh perspective from one of our global team members in Germany. JoEllen encourages us to comfort others with the comfort we have received. As followers of Jesus, we have received this divine comfort so we can share it with the world, and JoEllen reminds us that right now, the world needs exactly what we have.

Perspectives: Making Connections

Bruce shares how God is using social limitations for good. Normally, the Church’s focus has been the Sunday morning service. But Bruce is encouraged to see that as this is taken away, more time and effort can be devoted to discipleship, which is a vital relational building block of the body of Christ.

Perspectives: Lasting Value

A fresh perspective from one of our global team members in Japan. Ralph shares how God’s work is not hindered by difficulties and setbacks, and that these trials are able to bring more people to Him. No matter what the storms are, Ralph reminds us that God’s plan will not be thwarted.

Perspectives: Pursuing Presence

A fresh perspective from one of our global team members in Ireland. Roy helps us understand that no matter what happens—whether we live or die—God is with us. And when we have His presence in our lives, we can rejoice in all circumstances.

Perspectives: Pursuing Hope

A fresh perspective from one of our global team members. B. shows us the hope and the goodness we can find in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Her Christ-centered, hope-filled approach to this situation reveals how we can use these events to put the gospel on display.

Our Response to COVID-19

FAQ about COVID-19 and Our Global Staff

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Missionary Relief Fund

Many of our global team members may face medical and travel emergencies during this season of crisis. Please consider making a special gift to help them cover these sudden, unexpected costs.


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