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Rock Climbing Long-Term

Imagine living in a country where Christianity is seen as a foreign religion that doesn’t fit you or your culture. You probably would never have met a Christian, so your only perception might be that the US is a “Christian” nation. If that were your situation, how would the gospel ever get to you?

Our strategy for reaching people in this situation is to use shared common interests to build relational bridges with them. As they live in community together, the Jesus-follower talks about Christ while demonstrating His love. After someone encounters Jesus through a Christian, they often become more open to meeting Him through the Bible.

Rock climbing is a popular sport in Japan and Yamanashi is a major destination. Just a few hours from Tokyo, this beautiful city lies in the mountains, where a rock climbing community has formed to serve visiting climbers. When you climb together, you are constantly depending on the other person, even putting your life in their hands. These deep connections can quickly break down walls and lead to deep conversations.

If you love Jesus and want to introduce Him to others while learning from other cultures, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Encompass is looking for experienced rock climbers or administrative workers to help support this ministry. If you have either of these gifts, would you consider joining our team in Yamanashi?


  • This is a long-term ministry opportunity that requires a commitment of two-six years.


  • Learn Japanese language and culture so you can thrive in cross-cultural ministry
  • Build relationships and share the gospel with others either through rock climbing or administrative support of the team
  • Serve others through a variety of projects and programs
  • Disciple new believers as they begin to gather together and grow as a spiritual community
  • Work on a team together with other global workers and local leaders
  • Develop partnerships with people who pray for you and support you financially


  • Ability to adapt and be flexible in a different culture while maintaining the posture of a learner
  • Ability to learn a new language and communicate at a deeper level in that language
  • Prior ministry experience that demonstrates a commitment to evangelism and disciple-making
  • A supportive sending church that helps discern and affirm your readiness to enter ministry
  • A bachelor’s degree with some formal Biblical training is preferred


  • Encompass is committed to investing in you personally and professionally, so that you’ll have a growing, fruitful ministry. Our global workers must be committed to a growing faith in Jesus, making disciples, and serving together with others on a team.