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Japan Team Internship

Do you want to explore missions but feel hesitant about going alone? Encompass is sending a team of interns to Japan for four weeks to receive intentional training and gain hands-on experience in working among the Japanese. The team will be led by a veteran cross-cultural worker and will work closely with global staff in an existing Encompass ministry. This experience is perfect for anyone who thinks God might be calling them to international missions.

Ministry Overview

  • See a variety of existing ministries in three different locations, both in the city and the mountains.
  • Serve in a vibrant church that uses extreme sports, English, and the arts to reach their community.
  • Serve at our ministry center in Osaka where connections are made through things like English, art, music, sport, and video gaming.
  • Learn about a ministry in Tokyo that does outreach through anime, biking, and more. 
  • Engage in ministry events designed to make connections with new people.
  • Learn about the complexities of different cultures and religions.

Cross-Cultural Opportunities

  • Visit a local church
  • Visit local Buddhist monasteries and places of history 
  • Explore Japan using local transportation
  • Learn about Japanese culture and its barriers to the gospel from local missionaries

Growth Facilitators

During your internship, you’ll receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional, and spiritual growth. This includes:

  • Pre-Trip Mentoring – Personal, spiritual, and logistical guidance as you prepare for your trip 
  • Orientation – Help acclimating upon arrival in the country
  • Cross-Cultural Training – Learn cross-cultural ministry strategies and skills 
  • Ministry Training – Learn your specific ministry roles and responsibilities on the team
  • Mentoring – Process your experiences with your team and team leader during the internship
  • Post-Trip Mentoring – Continue processing your internship with your team leader and other Encompass staff upon your return


  • Housing—Lodging will be arranged for each location and may include a shared apartment with other interns or local staff
  • Transportation—You will utilize local public transportation 
  • Finances—Cost will be determined as the itinerary is finalized  


Interested? Contact one of our mobilizers to learn more!