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Engage Cambodia


The inner beauty of Battambang – Cambodia’s second-largest city – is expressed in its small-town friendliness and the smiles of its many, many children. Genocide and civil wars of the last century indelibly scarred the people and progress of this small Southeast Asian, Buddhist nation. Education, religion, and commerce were nearly eradicated after the Khmer Rouge reign. The first living generation of Cambodian children now has the opportunity to grow up in peaceful times. The Grace Ministry Center serves as a dormitory for university students and as a community center where English is taught to serve the community, build relationships, and share the hope of the gospel.



  • Spend time serving people by teaching English at the ministry center.
  • Spend time in the community building relationships and sharing the gospel with others.
  • Disciple new believers and see them begin to gather and grow as a spiritual community.
  • Commit to working on a team together with other global workers and national leaders.
  • Commit to discovering ministry partners who will pray and support you financially.


  • Ability to adapt and be flexible in a different culture while maintaining the posture of a learner.
  • Ability to learn the basics of the language and communicate at a moderate level.
  • Ministry experience that demonstrates a commitment to evangelism and disciple-making.
  • A supportive sending church that helps to discern and affirm your readiness to enter ministry.
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent ministry experience with some formal Biblical training.
  • A certificate in TESOL and experience teaching English to speakers of other languages.


Encompass is committed to investing in you personally and professionally, so you’re prepared for a growing, fruitful ministry. Global Workers at Encompass are committed to a growing faith in Jesus, see themselves primarily as disciple-makers, and want to serve together with others on a team. This is a long-term ministry opportunity that requires a commitment of two or more years.