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Bless A Haitian Church with a Powerful Book

Help provide French copies of James Gribble’s story.

Dumont Cardichon pastors a US-based Haitian church within the Charis Fellowship that extensively ministers to Haitians living in Haiti, the Bahamas, and south Florida. He’s passionate about training leaders and teaches congregations about embracing their identity as part of our global family of churches, the Charis Alliance.

There are over 80 Haitian churches that belong to our movement, and Dumont wants to bless each of them with a French copy of James Gribble’s story. James was a pioneer missionary who had a powerful story. The full title of the book is: Press On! What the Missionary Journeys of James Gribble Teach Us About Prayer, Perseverance, and The Ultimate Prize. Dumont believes God will use this tool to ignite a renewed passion for missions.

Would you consider making a gift to bless Haitian churches with a powerful book that has been translated into their primary language?