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What Are My Next Steps?

“I really feel God tugging at my heart to serve in missions, but I don’t know what the next steps should be.”

As missions mobilizers, people often confront us with this question. We want to help prepare them in every way we can so they can enter the missions field well.

Here are seven options to consider for your next steps towards missions:

  1. Join your local church. By being baptized and joining your local church you are aligning yourself with your local body of Christ and putting yourself under the leadership of the elders. Talk with your pastor and tell him about your desire to serve.
  2. Begin serving where you are. Your pastor can’t recommend you as someone who serves well if you aren’t serving at all. Students and young adults can serve their church in many ways: Vacation Bible School, child care, the worship team, and media production are just a few ways.
  3. Choose a less expensive undergraduate option. This may mean choosing a community college or local state school. You should try to choose an option for undergrad that will prevent you from accumulating much debt. These options usually afford much more opportunity for evangelism as well — especially with internationals. Community colleges are typically more diverse than more expensive, private Christian schools. Grace College Akron Ohio Campus also provides a less expensive opportunity for a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies through their Akron Program.
  4. Take the Perspectives Course. The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course has been a wonderful catalyst for those who are considering missions. The class is offered all around the country, and connects you with missions-minded Christians in your area. There are churches in our fellowship who have hosted these classes with encouraging results.
  5. Pray, and get other people praying! Look over your list of friends and family and compile a mailing list. Send a regular letter to update them when you are at the crossroads of important decisions. Missions is a team sport, so build a prayer team long before you ask for financial partnership. You will never regret asking others to pray for you as you pray for them!
  6. Go to the Cross Conference. This conference for young adults (ages 18–25) focuses on Great Commission work. It always features great speakers, breakout sessions, and missions representatives. The worship and fellowship are always encouraging too!
  7. Start a conversation with a mobilizer. Look over our opportunities to serve and connect with one of our mobilizers. It’s never too early! Developing a discipleship relationship with a mobilizer can be an integral part of getting to the mission field.

For more information, email GO@encompassworld.org.