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Christmas in Japan

For Christmas, millions of Japanese pick up a special dinner from Kentucky Fried Chicken to bring home and eat with their families. The dinner, which has become a nation-wide tradition, comes with a collectible Christmas plate that can be used to decorate or serve food later. They also frequently get a Christmas cake to have with their dinner.

Christmas in England

There are many churches in England, and a lot of people go to church and sing carols at Christmas time—even if they don’t normally go to church. There are lights and Christmas trees and pretty decorations. There are also nativity plays in schools where kids act out the Christmas story that we read in the Bible.

Christmas in Cambodia

Christmas is not an official holiday in Cambodia. Most people here are Buddhists, so they do not celebrate Jesus’ birth. There are some places, like big hotels and stores, that put up Christmas decorations for people from America or Europe who are traveling.

Christmas in Poland

Food is really important in Poland at Christmas. There are 12 special dishes that are traditional—that means people eat them every year, and they mean something important.