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Our Vision & Values

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”
—Matthew 28:19

We exist to spread the knowledge and glory of God among the least reached of our world. Discover how!

Global Trends & Opportunities

The Encompass family of ministries spans the globe, reaching into 32 countries with the hope of Christ.

Today we have 84 deployed staff plus 31 Special Assignment workers to total 115 people who are building God’s Kingdom on four continents.

We partner with approximately 350 global ministry leaders to bring the gospel to people in their countries.

Church Planting Network

The Church Planting Network (CPN) establishes new churches and activates local leaders to bring the gospel to their communities. In 2022, God blessed our church planters in Central Asia with significant progress. The church there has grown, and a number of people have come to faith in Christ. They are now studying what it means to be a church elder with the goal of appointing elders soon. The church there is highly focused on evangelizing and discipling new believers. They are also using business-as-mission techniques to extend their reach even further. We’re so grateful for the way God has been using Encompass to plant churches among the least reached!

Church Equipping Network

The Church Equipping Network (CEN) disciples and trains local believers to become ministry leaders in their communities. At a conference organized by the Charis seminary in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR), we sent our Network Director, an experienced social worker, and a medical doctor to join our staff already on the ground to help equip the church. We held seminars on all kinds of topics including counseling, active listening, addiction, and spiritual warfare. The believers in CAR benefitted from this training so much that they requested meeting after meeting with our equipping team. We praise the Lord for all the ways He used this network to equip believers around the world!

Transformation Works Network

The Transformation Works Network puts the gospel on display by collaborating with business ventures, educational opportunities, acts of service, and relationship building. A fascinating example of this in 2022 was reflected in the progress of a business venture initiated by our staff in Central Asia. Opening a new facility allowed our global workers to create jobs, practice life-on-life discipleship with employees, provide a useful product to the community, and build meaningful relationships with the region’s influential businessmen. We thank God for the many ways He used our TWN to transform communities by using business as outreach.

Crisis Response Network

The Crisis Response Network (CRN) partners with churches and ministry leaders to care for people during natural disasters, health emergencies, and more. The most prominent crisis in 2022 was Russia’s assault on Ukraine. You partnered with Encompass’s Crisis Response Network to provide relief in many ways:

Prayer Team: We facilitated a daily prayer meeting for 30 Charis believers during the first four months of the war. This group still meets weekly.

Supplies: We sent funding to New Life Church in Ukraine so they could provide relief supplies, transportation, and medicine to those in need.

Evacuation: We helped evacuate a Ukrainian family to a Charis church in the US and a Ukrainian girl to her family in the US.

Housing: We purchased two homes for displaced people (pictured) including an elderly pastor and his wife. We also provided funds to start building a “healing community” of small apartments on the border of Hungary for displaced families.

Church Plant: We gave New Life Church supplies so they could plant a church in Borodianka, Ukraine, which was an area heavily impacted by the initial attack.

Mobilization Services Network

The Mobilization Services Network (MSN) identifies, prepares, and sends new team members to the nations, and it encourages, equips, and supports our global staff members on the field. In 2022 God used Encompass’s MSN to do some amazing things.

New Missionaries: We successfully deployed five new missionary units (a single person, couple, or family) to the field!

Kids Training: We started a new training program for the children of new missionaries. This training helps prepare missionary kids (known as Third Culture Kids or TCKs) for the adjustment to life in a new country. We want to see the children of our missionaries thrive!

TCK Resources: We put together a team of people dedicated to providing resources for TCKs. This team ensures that our missionary parents and their children have the resources they need to flourish.

Thanks for Reaching the Least-Reached with Us!

How will they believe in Him if they’ve never heard of Him?

And how will they hear about Him if no one preaches to them?

And who will preach to them if no one is sent?

—Romans 10:13–15