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Personal Short Term Trip Debrief

This is a debriefing worksheet to encourage folks who went on a short term trip without a team. It's a personal way of debriefing from a short-term trip.  

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Celebrate and Pray for All the Workers Going!

Goal: Simply to Celebrate and Pray for All the Workers who are Going on Mission!

Activity: Collect a list of all your missionaries, short-term workers, ministry leaders, mission agencies, etc. Then print out cards or slips of paper so that people can celebrate these who are GOING!  Encourage people who are at this station to PRAY for a certain number (i.e., 5) or even for ALL of them.

Stop by the GOING Engagement Station and pray through the list of ALL the individuals who are GOING!


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We at Encompass World Partners have found these Values and Best Practices to be helpful in promoting good will for the missionary, the Short Term Team participant and the local church. This document provides guidelines we recommend churches follow as they send out teams.

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