Have you experienced it...that moment when the Spirit of God makes you restless, earnest, and curious? Every time you hear conversation and discussion surrounding least-reached people groups or about making disciples—that tug on your conscience? Maybe you feel drawn to stories of going with conviction, crossing cultures, sacrificing the familiar for the foreign…the temporary for the sake of the eternal. To consider entering your name into that storyline is exciting. Fearful. Overwhelming. The questions that flood your mind have to be sorted. Fears. Faith. Worries. Wisdom. Truth. Lies. But when “the love of God compels” you, you can’t put the restlessness aside but seek the Lord’s face.

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/389bbdd6d6856af779e62f03f8fed572_XL.jpgAbout this book…

We are delighted to announce the publication of this anthology of more than 250 pages which seeks to represent the mosaic of Scripture regarding how men and women on mission can work together for the greater glory of God.

A Missional Mosaic is the product of more than 18 months of work by the WoRTh Project (Working towards a Robust Theology)- a core group of missional leaders on the role and dignity of women. The anthology was edited by Encompass global workers L. Klawitter and B. Schwan. We are delighted that their work is now in an accessible format for the broader Body of Christ!

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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 15:00

Worship: The Golden Thread by Bruce Triplehorn

This book is a masterful exposition of scriptural teaching on worship along with examples from real-life, including Triplehorn's work in Brazil and his use of marriage as a metaphor.

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This is the fascinating story of dismantling and re-building a pastor's program to return to its original vision, planting one million churches in one million Indian villages. It is accompanied by insightful and cross-cultural observations by Paul R. Gupta and Sherwood G. Lingenfelter. Dr. Lingenfelter was the provost of Fuller Theological Seminary and former Encompass Board Member.

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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 15:00

Antioch Revisited, by Tom Julien

This is the fictional but true-to-life story of a missionary "John" and how he comes to the ministry-changing conclusion: "Missions is not what the church does for the missionary but through the missionary." The book also includes a manual and four-part plan for church missions committees or individuals.

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