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“For Forty Years, I Have Been Deceived!”

Several months ago, John* was out buying phone credit when he met Abdou*. Abdou overheard someone greet John as “Pastor” and grew curious.

“I’m not a pastor,” John explained. “But I’m a servant of God.” Full-time ministry to the least reached in his home country in Central Africa is John’s goal eventually, but since money is tight, he can’t leave his bricklaying job yet.

Abdou, who was born and raised as a Muslim, questioned John about his beliefs, and the two men talked for a while. John encouraged Abdou to read the Bible. Although Abdou accepted John’s reading challenge, he didn’t follow through much. Still, John kept in touch and the two continued to talk.

Then Abdou’s wife fell sick. John went to visit the couple and to pray for Abdou’s wife. While he was there, he asked Abdou how his reading was coming along. To John’s surprise, Abdou began to weep.

Through his tears, Abdou opened up to John. In his desperation—perhaps due to his wife’s illness, providing for his family, depression, confusion, or hopelessness—he had formed a plan to say goodbye to his wife and then kill himself. John had arrived just in time.

As they talked, John shared the gospel with Abdou. Abdou’s heart was opened, and as he finally heard the good news, Abdou readily received Christ as his Savior. He began talking to Jesus and expressed his new faith so well that when he was finished, John just smiled and said, “I agree. I have nothing to add.”

“For forty years, I have been deceived!” Abdou exclaimed.

Now Abdou and John meet every day before and after work and read the Bible. Abdou is doing very well. God has healed his wife, and Abdou is sharing what he learns with his family. Pray for Abdou as God continues to work in him. Pray that his family will see Christ in him. Pray for safety for John and Abdou and their families as they interact with the Muslims in their community.

God used John’s life, biblical truths that provided real solutions to Abdou’s problems, and testimonies from other Muslim Background Believers to influence Abdou and draw him to Himself. We sometimes never know how God will use us to bring others to salvation. 

You can give to help us deploy more teammates to reach the least reached in places such as Central Africa!

*Names changed for security reasons.