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Encompass Crisis Response

As the world shudders under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Encompass Crisis Response team serves on the front lines, remaining in the epicenters of the disease and serving people in the name of Jesus, providing practical help and spiritual hope. In a time when fear threatens to overpower, our testimony of faith provides a steady influence in an unsteady world.

The Encompass Crisis Response Network leads our efforts in disaster response, arriving soon after a crisis occurs, mobilizing resources, and training local churches in disaster preparedness and response. Our team is uniquely positioned to serve people in this international health crisis by addressing material, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We are developing plans to provide food, medication, and protective supplies for medical workers in cities and regions that have shut down. And we are equipping believers across the globe with the tools they need to help mitigate the anxiety, fear, and trauma faced by those around them.

Your gift to the Crisis Response General Fund can help fund our immediate response to crises such as the current COVID-19 crisis. Gifts received in excess of the need for the current crisis will be used by the Crisis Response Network to meet similar crisis needs.