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What could God do through you?

God always starts big things with ordinary people taking small steps of faith. As you say “yes” to Him, God will take you one step after another to places you can only dream about now. He will work through you in ways you wouldn’t believe. It all starts with a simple step.

Step 1: Become Involved in Sending

Pray daily for a specific missionary.
Write to your missionaries or make regular telephone calls to them.
Begin supporting a missionary. Many find that three days wages per year is a good starting point.

Step 2: Reach Out to the People Around You

Each day we come into contact with people who need to know about the eternal difference Christ can make in their lives. Ask God who He has prepared for you to reach. Pray for them, asking God to open doors. Then initiate a conversation, and share what God has done in your life.

Step 3: Investigate Whether God has Equipped You for Cross-Cultural Ministry

Talk to your pastor about your interest in cross-cultural ministry. Get your church involved in how God is leading you.
Meet with another person and regularly pray that God will show you whether you are to go.

Step 4: Evaluate Yourself to See if You Are Developing Core Missionary Qualities:

Spiritual life and worldview
Life Balance
Understanding and living the essence of church
Handling Scripture
Cultural Competency

Step 5: Explore Helpful Articles on Ways to Prepare

Qualifications for Cross-Cultural Ministry
Understanding God's Calling for Missionaries
Preparing to be a Missionary

Are you ready to begin your journey in cross-cultural ministry?