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Thoughts on Intercession

by Tom Julien

In all the Christian experience, nothing is more fascinating than prayer.

Through prayer, we have direct access to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. The very thought is extraordinary.

And we get a person, not an answering service. Through prayer, we have the incredible privilege of influencing history and impacting eternity. When we pray, things happen that would not happen if we did not pray. Of course, some will say, “But what about predestination? Wasn’t everything planned by God before human history began?” Yes, but did you ever stop to consider that prayer was probably the main ingredient in the programming of human history? God knew whether we would pray even before the whole process began, and His answers were predestined into our lives. Human history is woven around the prayers of His people.

Through prayer, we have the privilege of penetrating the veil that separates us from that mysterious, invisible world of darkness, where we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers. The invisible world is just as real as the visible world, even though we are not presently equipped to see it. If God respects ungodly authority structures in the visible world, we can only suppose that He does the same in the invisible world. If there are obstacles in the visible world that require a great expenditure of effort, is it not also true in the invisible world?

Why Pray?