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Here's everything necessary to host an effective Day of Generosity campaign, including a Campaign Guide with recommended schedule and ideas for engaging your church family, plus downloadable resources for promoting the occasion. You can schedule your event any time of year, but we encourage you to consider the Fall season as an effective time to encourage generous giving.

See more details about Day of Generosity below.


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Pastor / Missions Leader,

We invite churches like yours from across America to set aside one Sunday a year for a special offering—we trust a generous offering—to encourage churches in other parts of the world as they send out missionaries.

For much of the last 200 years, most missionaries were sent “from the West to the rest.” Today, workers are going “from anywhere to everywhere.” And what’s true for missions across the globe is also true for our movement. The churches we’ve planted over the past 100 years are now sending their own into the world’s harvest fields!

How can we partner with churches from other countries in ways that respect their authority over their own workers? And how can we give in ways that don’t create unhealthy dependencies?

For almost 25 years, we’ve been answering those questions through our National Ministry Partner program. We share the best of our experiences and resources to help churches around the world take their first steps toward sending out their own workers. In most cases, a bit of financial assistance from us can greatly multiply their efforts.

In this era of missions from anywhere to everywhere, we can multiply our impact through strategic partnerships. That’s why we’re inviting you to give joyfully and liberally during Day of Generosity!

Thank you for joining us in going further together!


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