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For over 50 years, the Château in St. Albain, France, has been used to host people, events, and most importantly conversations – conversations where believers look to plant seeds of the gospel into the hard soil of post-Christian France.

Located in a small town, this old castle serves as a platform into the community. The Château not only provides a location for Christian organizations to host their events, but also organizes a dozen or so events itself, ranging from Christmas outreach events to Biblical training weekends, soccer programs, and family retreats.

The Château has seen many eras of ministry, and we’re on the cusp of entering the next. In September of 2016, a new French Director and his family joined the ministry, excited to see the Château as a center for ministry for many more years to come. Currently, the Château has been asked to upgrade its facility to current accessibility standards. Interns provide timely support in maintaining the daily hosting needs of the Château during these special projects.

We’re looking for interns who jump in with the initiative to serve. Interns who are willing to work hard, who have practical skills (cooking, cleaning, maintenance, yard work), and are characteristically flexible, serving as excellent support to the multinational team who minister there long term.

Since France has one of the lowest percentages of Evangelical Christians in the world (1/30th the percentage of Christians in the United States), the Château serves the vital role of providing a location where Christians can spend time with those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ, build relationships, and partner with other believers to further God’s work in France.

1, 3, 6, or 9 months between March and December.


The basic objectives of this internship are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in France, to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth, and to further the existing ministry of the Chateau.

The primary goals of this internship are for you to live and serve as part of a cross-cultural ministry team, use your gifts in the Chateau ministry as well as learn to serve where needed, grow in your understanding and ability to share the gospel in a French context.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Hospitality Services: Assist the hospitality team in routine upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance of facilities and grounds.
  • Meal Services: Assist in meal preparation, service, and cleanup.
  • Event Staff: Assist with community outreach and service events.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

  • Serve as part of a multinational and multigenerational team.
  • Learn the history of the Chateau ministry.
  • Attend worship services at FGBC/Charis churches near the Chateau.
  • Shop at local stores and markets for souvenirs as well as supplies for the Chateau.
  • Eat at a French restaurant and sample the local cuisine.
  • Visit other villages and cities near the Chateau and learn their history.
  • If possible, tour Paris for a day and see famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre.

Strategies for Growth

  • During the internship, you will receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional and spiritual growth. This includes the following:
  • Talk with your mentor prior to deploying for initial orientation and to receive assistance with final travel preparations
  • Receive assistance for acclimation and orientation upon arrival in the country
  • Receive training for your specific ministry roles and responsibilities on the team
  • Meet weekly with your mentor for discipleship, cross-cultural coaching, and ongoing training
  • Evaluate your internship with your mentor and with Encompass staff during and upon your return.


  • Housing: You will stay in dormitory-style housing with access to a shared kitchen, dining room, lounge areas, restroom/ shower room, and laundry facility.
  • Transportation: You will utilize local public transportation and ride-sharing with other Chateau staff.
  • Finances: These are estimated costs; each includes an airfare estimate. Actual costs will be confirmed during the application process.
    • 1-Month Internship: $3,300
    • 3-Month Internship: $5,500
    • 6-Month Internship: $10,100
    • 9-Month Internship: $4,700 per month (includes salary, field expenses, health coverage)