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Explore Central Asia-Information Technology

This internship takes place in the mountainous heartland of Central Asia and the geographical half-way point of the ancient Silk Road. Its cultural heritage is a rich montage of Turkic peoples, Soviet legacies and Muslim tradition.  Beautiful snow-capped mountains grace the fertile valley where our team is located. The culture is hospitable so that visitors find themselves being invited into urban homes or out to the villages to visit their new acquaintance’s relatives.

Interns who join the Encompass team would work in existing community development ministries. These platforms impact and serve the community while providing the face to face interaction that lays the foundation for spiritual engagement.

Focus: Community Development and Information Technology

Duration: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months


The basic objectives of this internship are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in Central Asia, to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth, and to further the spread of the gospel through serving and transforming communities with the love of Christ.

The primary goals of this internship are for you to serve in the Business and Training Center using their Information Technology skills and as part of a ministry team to collaborate to accomplish team goals.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Software development/business development: Evaluate opportunities to strengthen our business center’s computer contracting presence. This could include expanding current projects, taking on new contracts, and training local English speaking developers.
  • Learn/improve software development skills: Receive hands-on programming training and increase your current level of professional skills.
  • Attend and participate in the local church along with the team
  • May collaborate with the team and participate in community development through business projects and serving families with children with disabilities.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

  • Visit a local church
  • Participate in local university ministry team activities
  • Tour the world’s largest natural walnut forest in a beautiful mountain area
  • Travel on the original, ancient Silk Road
  • Shop in one of Central Asia’s most famous outdoor bazaars
  • Do a homestay with a local family
  • Visit local villages and possibly other cities

Strategies for Growth: During the internship, you will receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional and spiritual growth.  This includes the following:

  • Talk with your mentor prior to deploying
  • Receive assistance for acclimation and orientation upon arrival in the country
  • Receive training in strategies and skills for discipleship ministry
  • Receive training for your specific ministry roles and responsibilities on the team
  • Meet weekly with a tutor to learn the local language.
  • Meet weekly with your mentor for discipleship, cross-cultural coaching, and review of educational progress and goals
  • Evaluate your internship with your mentor and with Encompass staff during and upon your return.


  • Housing: After a brief homestay you will stay in an apartment near a teammate.
  • Transportation: You will utilize local public transportation. Travel to villages will be with Encompass staff members.
  • Finances: This is an estimated cost. The actual cost will be confirmed during the application process.
    • 3-Month Internship: $6,700
    • 6-Month Internship:  $11,400
    • 9-Month Internship: $2,400 per month (includes salary, field expenses, health coverage)
    • 12-Month Internship: $3,000 per month (includes salary, field expenses, health coverage)