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Explore Battambang


The inner beauty of Battambang – Cambodia’s second-largest city – is expressed in its small-town friendliness and the smiles of its many, many children. Genocide and civil wars of the last century indelibly scarred the people and progress of this small Southeast Asian, Buddhist nation. Education, religion, and commerce were nearly eradicated after the Khmer Rouge reign.

The first living generation of Cambodian children now has the opportunity to grow up in peaceful times. You can bring lasting hope amid widespread poverty by interning with BrightStart Learning through Encompass. BrightStart Learning believes “Brighter futures start today!” through educating the poor and inspiring them to dream again. As an Encompass intern you would help the BrightStart staff provide remedial learning to over 600 children, pre-K through Grade 12, in Battambang city and its outlying villages.

Several of BrightStart’s study centers during the week become fun-filled Sunday schools on the weekend. Encompass interns transition from instructors to disciples by coaching a growing number of children to seek Jesus and His Gospel of hope, joy, unity and personal relationship. Use your unique talents– such as music, poetry and sports – to create opportunities for applied English, personal connection and Christian discipleship with students.

Prerequisites: Encompass interns receive Khmer language lessons upon their arrival and assist instructors before running a class of their own. Interns must be high school graduate age and above, like children, serve as role models and be willing to prepare lesson plans to lead an effective classroom or Sunday school environment.

Duration: 14-16 weeks in either the spring or fall semesters, or 8-12 weeks during the summer semester (typically between June 1 and August 31)


The basic objectives of this internship are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in Cambodia, exploring and challenging your passion for cross-cultural ministry and cross-cultural studies in a third-world setting, to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth, and to further the existing ministry of BrightStart Learning in Battambang.

The primary goals of this internship are for you to provide academic and spiritual instruction for BrightStart learning students, assist other instructors as needed, and gain an understanding of Cambodian culture through weekly mentoring and interaction with Cambodians.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Instructing conversational English language skills at one or more BrightStart Learning study center sites to children from pre-school through Grade 12 (assisted by a Cambodian translator).
  • Developing lesson plans for BrightStart’s Sunday schools and teaching these Christian lessons (assisted by a Cambodian translator).
  • Assisting other BrightStart instructors from the intern’s areas of personal giftedness – e.g., music lessons (guitar, drum or keyboard); soccer coaching.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

  • Touring the Angkor Wat temples and Night Market in Siem Reap will provide perspective into Cambodia’s history and culture.
  • The Tuol Sleng genocide museum and the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, located in Phnom Penh, historically record the darkest years of Cambodian history: the 1975 – 1979 Khmer Rouge reign. These experiences provide critical insight to understanding Cambodia’s current third-world conditions, political climate and economic issues.
  • The local markets of Battambang offer native foods and opportunities to barter for beautiful textiles and goods.

Strategies for Growth

  • During the internship, you will receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional and spiritual growth. This includes the following:
  • Talk with your mentor prior to deploying:
  • Receive assistance for acclimation and orientation upon arrival in the country
  • Receive training in strategies and skills for discipleship ministry
  • Receive training for your specific ministry roles and responsibilities on the team
  • Evaluate your internship with your mentor and with Encompass staff during and upon your return.


  • Housing: You will stay in an apartment in the city.
  • Transportation: You will utilize local public transportation.
  • Finances: These are estimated costs; each includes an airfare estimate. Actual costs will be confirmed during the application process.
    • 3-Month Internship: $7,000 Semester Internship: $7,900
    • 6-Month Internship: $11,300
    • 9-Month Internship: $3,000 per month (includes salary, field expenses, health coverage)
    • 12-Month Internship: $2800 per month (includes salary, field expenses, health coverage)