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Engage France

For over 50 years, the Château in St. Albain, France has hosted people, events. But most importantly, it has hosted conversations. During these dialogues, believers seek ways to plant seeds of the gospel in the hard soil of post-Christian France. 

Located in a quaint French town, this 14th-century castle serves as a bridge into the community. The Château not only provides a location for Christian organizations to host their events, but it also organizes its own, ranging from community outreach to biblical training weekends, soccer programs, and family retreats. The Château has served through many eras of ministry, and we are excited to see it as a ministry center for years to come. 


  • Serve Château guests through hospitality ministries, including cooking and maintenance.
  • Help plan events that make guests feel welcome.
  • Provide oversight and mentorship for Château interns who come to serve.
  • Work in harmony with the Chateau Director and the team toward shared goals and vision. 
  • Spend time building relationships in the community and sharing the gospel with others.
  • Commit to discovering ministry partners who will support you through prayer and giving.


  • Ability to adapt and be flexible in a different culture while maintaining the posture of a learner. 
  • Proficiency in learning a moderate level of language and culture so you can effectively serve guests.  
  • Ministry experience that demonstrates a commitment to evangelism and disciple-making. 
  • Skills of hospitality and event planning, including cooking meals for large groups. 
  • A supportive sending church that helps to discern and affirm your readiness to enter ministry.
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent ministry experience with formal biblical training.


Encompass is committed to investing in you personally and professionally so you’re prepared for a thriving, fruitful ministry. Global workers at Encompass commit to a growing faith in Jesus, see themselves primarily as disciple-makers, and desire to serve with others on a team. This is a long-term ministry opportunity that requires a commitment of two or more years.