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Central Asia Team Internship

Are you wanting to explore missions but don’t want to go alone? Encompass is sending a team of interns to Central Asia for a four-week trip where they will receive intentional training and hands-on experience working with Muslims. You and your team will work under the leadership of a veteran cross-cultural worker in an existing Encompass ministry. This experience is perfect for anyone who thinks God might be calling them to international missions.

Ministry Overview

  • Attend and participate in the local church
  • Participate in ministries led by local believers such as game nights and Bible studies 
  • See and interact with a variety of local businesses that were created for ministry, outreach, and discipleship

Cross-Cultural Opportunities

  • Learn about the complexities of different cultures and religions
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Solomon’s Mountain, and a 3,000-year-old bazaar

Growth Facilitators

During your internship, you’ll receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional, and spiritual growth. This includes:

  • Pre-Trip Mentoring—Receive personal, spiritual, and logistical mentoring as you prepare for your trip 
  • Orientation—Receive an orientation upon arrival in the country and receive help acclimating
  • Cross-Cultural Training—Receive training in cross-cultural ministry strategies and skills 
  • Ministry Training—Receive training for your specific ministry roles and responsibilities on the team
  • Mentoring—Process your experiences with your team and team leader during the internship
  • Post-Trip Mentoring—Continue processing your internship with your team leader and other Encompass staff upon your return

Logistical Details

  • Housing—Shared apartment with other interns or local believers
  • Transportation—Local public transportation and ride-sharing with Encompass staff when traveling outside of the city.
  • Finances—Cost will be determined as the itinerary is finalized.


Interested? Contact one of our mobilizers to learn more!