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Refugee Crisis Webinar Replay & Resources

Refugee Crisis Webinar Replay & Resources

On March 3, two key Encompass leaders did a webinar on the Refugee Crisis-a candid conversation on the refugee situation and what you can do about it. We were delighted that Alan and Barb allowed us to record and share this excellent webinar with a broader audience as a great resource on the refugee crisis. 

Alan Weisenberger, Principal of EnLumen Leadership Services and Encompass board member, cut through the media hype and set the record straight about the realities of the current refugee situation. He gave a helpful primer on who is really a refugee and the process they go through to get into the U.S. Alan concluded with how the scriptures have guided his personal perspective and involvement with refugees.

Barb Wooler, Director of the Encompass Crisis Response Network, shared about the Refugee Crisis from her global interactions and how we can help. She recently returned from a scouting trip to Europe and told fresh stories to share from that adventure. She also shared some tools and opportunities for you and your church to make a difference.

Below are the replay & resource links: 

Audio REPLAY of the Webinar 1 hour and 11 minutes
   (Alan presents from 0:00-30:00 approx, Barb from 30:00- 55:00, with Q&A from 55:00-1:11:00)

Powerpoint Presentation of the Webinar (minus Barb's because of the pictures & security issues)

      Original Refugee Crisis Webinar Webpage

Action Item: One of the most practical items that was offered to help was putting together Hygiene Kits as gifts for the Iraqi Women Refugees. See more online


Other helpful articles on refugees by Alan and Barb: 

An insightful blogpost from Alan Weisenberger on "Why I Work With Refugees." 

A recent article by Barb Wooler on the Syrian Refugee situation