Monday, 11 December 2017 16:41

Share the Joy in this Christmas Season

People and cultures all around the world celebrate Christmas differently, which is amazing and beautiful! Whether it is through the food we make, the rituals we perform, or the music we play, one thing is true for everyone; The Advent season is a time to share the hope of Christ.

Many unique Christmas traditions and rituals are practiced all around the world during the holiday season. Take a look at some of these fun holiday expressions; religious and festive. 

Friday, 21 December 2018 04:27

4 Tips to Make Your Christmas Missional

Have you ever noticed that life naturally drifts towards self-indulgence and self-interest? Being many years into my journey with Christ, I can’t say it’s any easier to assuage my flesh and live a truly selfless life. Sadly and painfully, the Spirit’s work in my life is revealing more of my broken selfish state.

So when the commercialized Christmas messages start piling up before my advent readings begin, it can be easy to drift down the path of least resistance. 

Sadly, it’s time to put my Christmas pants away. I’m not ashamed to admit it: I enjoy some holiday R&R in an old pair of red and green flannel pajama pants (trousers for my British friends). There are so many great traditions to enjoy during this season, but my Christmas pants have become a personal favorite. Ironically and symbolically each year I put these comfy, warm, and stretchy pants back in the closet and kick into planning mode for the new year. I pull out a new calendar and inevitably start thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.

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