Friday, 01 September 2017 12:02

New Corporation Structure Update

2017 Encompass Corporation Meeting attendees. 2017 Encompass Corporation Meeting attendees.

For many years, Encompass Corporation Membership has been comprised of individuals who held membership in a Grace Brethren Church and contributed at least $50 during the previous calendar year. These standards made sense before. They are not serving Encompass well now, however.

It has become increasingly difficult to keep track of corporation members by these two standards. Some people give to Encompass through their church, but we don't see that record. Plus, many churches are changing the way they handle membership. For these reasons, Encompass took a vote during our annual Corporation Meeting held during the "ACCESS2017" National Conference of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches in July.

The motion was passed to transfer corporation membership from individuals to churches.

Now, each church associated with the FGBC in North America that contributes $1,000 or more to Encompass per calendar year will be eligible to receive one vote as a corporation member. Within this structure, there is a metric that affords more votes to churches who engage more with Encompass (maximum of five votes). The Encompass Board of Directors believes this will be a more efficient way to include members in spreading the knowledge and glory of God among the least reached of our world. 

Summary of Changes:

Primary Decision – To approve revised Articles and Bylaws that will transfer Corporation Membership from Individuals to Churches.

Secondary Decision – To approve a series of small changes to the Articles and Bylaws that modernize and simplify our corporate structures, and remove some redundancies.

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