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CALLED: Japan God's Way

CALLED: Japan God's Way

The CALLED series is a collection of stories that highlight the amazing ways God prepares the hearts of people for their role in Global Missions. We hope these stories inspire you to prayerfully consider your own participation in making disciples of all nations.

Before they even met, Phil and Bethany Yarbrough were drawn to Japan.  Phil became captivated by the culture after participating in a Japanese language immersion program at his elementary school. Whereas, Bethany gained an appreciation for the culture’s beauty through her high school interior design class. Phil and Bethany's love for the Japanese culture played a significant part at the beginning of their relationship. 

When they were married, they vowed to one day live in Japan.

After pursuing their education in California and North Carolina, the Yarbroughs moved to Atlanta because of job prospects and the international diversity of the city. Phil became a technician for Porsche and Bethany an executive assistant. They were thankful for their careers, but as the years passed and their dream of living in Japan was placed on a back burner, they felt unfulfilled. It felt like the more life happened, the farther away their goal drifted. 

In Atlanta, they began attending 4Pointes Church, whose aim is to engage the thousands of Asian-American and third culture residents of the metro-Atlanta area. Even though Phil and Bethany were neither Asian nor third culture, they found this church to be everything they wanted. Their love for Japan was energized within this community.

At 4Pointes, the Yarbroughs met Encompass Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives Wayne Hannah and his wife Gina, who had been a part of the church for a few years. The Yarbroughs heard that Wayne had experience with Asian cultures, so in a passing conversation, they mentioned their passion for Japan. They explained that they had plans to live there one day, but currently, their dream was far off.

With a smile, Wayne told them about Northstar.

Deep within the Japanese Alps, the Northstar Alpine Lodge provides a variety of outdoor experiences for tourists. During winter, the camp offers snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing, and throughout the summer months, they lead hiking and bike trips. They also happen to be a part of the Encompass family.

Northstar’s ultimate goal is to engage the Japanese community relationally and spiritually, forming a bridge to a country where less than 1% of the people claim Christ.  There is always a need for workers to help carry out such a big mission.

So, Wayne connected the Yarbroughs with Brad Waters, Director of Northstar. After several interviews and a trip to Japan, the Yarbroughs began seeing their dream come to life. Soon after, they were boarding a plane with one-way tickets.

They were Northstar’s newest employees.

This was nothing like what they imagined.  Originally, they hadn’t seen spreading the gospel as a part of their Japanese adventure, but God was clearly steering them. How else would two city people end up at an outdoor adventure camp in rural Japan?

Even though it wasn't how they planned, they were beyond satisfied with God's way.

“Our plan included so much more details and steps, but God was like ‘No, I am just going to make this happen my way right now’. At that point, it was so obvious the plan was his and not ours.” -Phil and Bethany Yarbrough

Consider This

Think about your own participation in the Great Commission. Is God calling you to go? Would you consider reaching the Japanese like Phil and Bethany? Contact a mobilizer today to begin the conversation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.